WEDDING FLOWERS Church, Reception and Bouquets
CONFERENCES Mass Arrangements, Table Arrangements
SPECIAL BIRTHDAYS Mass Arrangements, Table Arrangements
DINNER PARTIES Arrangements around the house, Table Arrangements
FUNERALS Church Arrangements and Coffin Spray


COURSE FOR ARRANGING FLOWERS IN YOUR HOME FOUR (4) WEEKS Cost R120.00 per lesson you purchase your own flowers, oasis and vases 4 persons minimum for the Course in Pretoria and surrounding areas as well as in Johannesburg. Phone 082 9265881 or e-mail for a quote.

Lesson I: R120-00
Time: 0900am 11h30am

An introduction to flowers and flower arrangements, the mechanics of setting up vases and containers

  • Names of flower
  • Seasonal flowers
  • Having the right container in terms of size, shape and texture
  • Tutoring and guidance re spacing, balance line and height
  • Control and care of cut stems
  • Longevity and custom tips
  • Demo of arrangement for next lesson, rectangular arrangement for dinner party table
  • Flowers supplied

Lesson II: R120-00
Time: 09h00am 11h30pm

How to : Hands on arrangement of rectangular dinner party arrangement

  • Wedding table
  • Lots and lots of fun and laughter
  • Funeral sprays
  • Coffee table
  • Demonstration of next lesson, ie. Posy arrangement
  • Bring own flowers

Lesson III: R120-00
Time: 0900am 11h30pm

How to: Hands on Posy bowl arrangement

  • Tips and guidelines
  • Lots and lots of fun and laughter
  • Demo of basic triangular arrangement to be used for home/church/wedding
  • Bring own flowers

Lesson IV: R120-00
Time: 0900am 11h30pm

How to: Hands on arranging triangular arrangement

  • Lots and lots of fun and laughter
  • Ideas for table settings
  • Bring own flowers